It's Cool to be Kind

The Heartbeats

The movement emphasises the act of kindness as strong, respected behaviour, with infinite positive effects on our wellbeing, ultimately making us all happier and healthier. ‘It’s cool to be kind’ as a part of The Heartbeat family is currently aimed at preschool children in a concerted effort to enforce kind behaviour and the multiple benefits of it, until it becomes a spontaneous way of life for the next generation. Children are agents for social change and the fundamental age for PSED (Personal, Social and Emotional development) is 0-5 years old.

The Heartbeats are designed to appeal to this critically important age group and they prove to be surpassing expectation in doing this. The Heartbeat family are messengers that communicate important lessons of inclusion, acceptance, love, friendship and tolerance in a fun and enjoyable way. The stories encompass all aspects of how to act with kindness towards others, oneself and the planet. Once children begin living and breathing this behaviour we will see a profoundly positive effect on the environment the youth of today are growing into by tackling the epidemic of anti social behaviour that is affecting children’s physical and mental health.

It’s time for change. We commit to making regular donations to anti bullying organisations.