Henry & Henrietta Heartbeat

Henry & Henrietta Heartbeat are a brother and sister team who are set to transform the world into a happier kinder place.

These two fun loving, upbeat characters live by spreading love and joy by always being kind.  We are invited into their world to see how they act with their peers in common, everyday interactive situations that children find themselves in.

We join them in the park and see how they embrace new friends, on the sports field to show how to empathise and where their competitive skills are tested, in the home with Mummy & Daddy Heartbeat, on play dates and many more situations where Henry & Henrietta’s happy go lucky, positive, caring attitude teaches our children how to act with kindness, love, acceptance and inclusion, making the world a better, happier and kinder place to live in.


About Henrietta Heartbeat

Hello! I’m Henrietta Heartbeat. Let me introduce myself and show you how I rise and shine with a smile, dance and sing with a grin, always try to be happy and always try to be kind.

You’ll see how I live, how I play and how I like to start each day. Dancing is my hobby, I love to learn new moves, the music really gets me going, right into the groove. So let’s get going and look inside, and see all the lovely things we find.

There will be lots more stories to share with you, to help you live this way too. I’m grateful for everything and thankful for the life I’m in. I love to dance, I love to play, I love all people in every way.  I always help and always listen, I love the world and my kitten.


About Henry Heartbeat

Hello! I’m Henry Heartbeat. Let me introduce myself and show you how I wake up happy, with my arms to the sky, I stretch, smile as if I could fly.

I stay positive throughout the day, I know it’s by far the best way. My joy is contagious and spreads far, I make people happy wherever we are! Football is my passion, I love to play a game, team sports are my favourite, I love them all the same.  So let’s get together and have some fun, our journey has just begun.

You’ll see how I live, how I play and how I like to start each day, how I care and how I share and spread happiness everywhere. There will be lots more stories coming to you, so you can live this way too.

It's cool to be kind