Reading and Kindness activities at Mile School Milan

We had a wonderful visit to Mile Bilingual School in Milan reading and talking about being kind, to children as young as two right up to six years old. We spent a lot of quality time together, one class at a time with lots of opportunity to introduce The Heartbeat family, talk about the characters (that the children loved!) and discuss kindness in a fun, enjoyable way.  We began by reading the new books together (available under books tab here on the website or on Amazon on link below):

The Heartbeats childrens books – It’s cool to be kind!

It was such fun for all those involved, me, the children and the teachers to see how well and naturally the children enjoyed relating to Henry & Henrietta Heartbeat sharing their understanding of kindness, what it means and most importantly how to be kind.  Due to strict privacy policies at the school, unfortunately  we cannot share the many photos and videos taken, where children were clambering over the books, smiling at the pages, clapping loudly at the end of each story and excitedly contributing to the kindness quiz questions and activities… but we can share a couple of me following their strict hygiene covid protocols too!


Following this we had a super successful book sale a couple of days later where we sold out of all our books and shared the Heartbeats concept with enthusiastic and happy parents!

♥️ Long live The Heartbeats! ♥️


Thank you Mile school!

We will be back!