Harrodian School

Talking at Harrodian

Thursday 6th February 2020

Harrodian in South West London is a school that I have always loved.  With its emphasis on friendship, a strong family feel and vibrant ethos of kindness, it was definitely the school I admired most and wanted to send my children to.  Despite their beautiful grounds and buildings, which are not to be underestimated, it was unanimously the ethos and vibe of the school that attracted me most.  It was therefore a real honour to have been invited to read Henry & Henrietta Heartbeat and hold a discussion on Kindness to my daughter’s class.  Kindness was the topic for the week for reception thus the perfect occasion for me to get involved, introduce Henry & Henrietta formally but friendlily, encourage the children to get involved and engage on this increasingly important topic.

My heart was warmed by the genuine interest and enthusiasm the children showed, both in the books, the project as a whole and the discussion on what kindness means, why it is important and how we best action it in any given circumstance.  Each pupils eagerness to hold up their hand and contribute was incredibly encouraging.  All the children shared their views, experiences, ideas and asked questions, participating fully at each stage of the session.  Suffice to say the lesson, the books and the topic were welcomed with open arms, well received and throughly enjoyed.

Finally, the cherry on the cake was the afternoon being topped off with an array of wonderful messages of thanks from parents, confirming the success of the talk and enjoyment children attained from it.  Lessons were learnt and positive energy and excitement rose as the prospect of putting it all into practice set in!   Now looking forward to seeing the results!!!  Watch this space!