Float Like a Butterfly Ball

A phenomenal night raising money for Caudwell Children!

Caudwell Children is an incredible charity raising hundreds of thousands of pounds a year for disabled children – changing their lives and those of their families.  As I see it ” Charity giving is the highest form of kindness.”

This Years Float Like a Butterfly Ball, in it’s third year, is just one of a host of events that take place yearly raising funds for the Caudwell Children’s charity.

The event was a true success raising over £400.ooo this year.  I was honoured to be part of the committee to help contribute in the formation and build up of this special, meaningful and most importantly, successful event. I was astounded by the incredible generosity of so many and equally thrilled at how much everyone enjoyed themselves on the occasion.

A huge well done to everyone involved! We did ourselves proud! Looking forward to the next one!  We’ll never stop …. ‘Fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves!’


To find out more about the event or to buy tickets for next years ball please click the link below:

Float Like a Butterfly Ball